Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 6 - It is the morning after the 4th of July and I am again on WIFI while John and the kids are sleeping. We are now at Abroska Bay Campground (packed in like Sardines with the big rigs (gald it was only for one night), today we will explore the town of Cody Wyoming and settle into our 3 day campsite in Yellowsone NP. On the 2nd of July, we saw Mount Rushmore (phenominal), drove by Crazy Horse and took the wildlife loop of Custer State Park --- we saw cute little Prarie Dogs, 2 adult antelope with 2 little babies, about a dozen wild burros that stuck their heads into the car when you rolled down your window, adult and baby deer (with the spots on them), and a herd of buffalo off into the distance of the vast prarie grass, Western Meadowlarks, Robins, Turkey Vultures and mountain goats, when we got back John tossed my Lasagna cassaroll on the grill and we all chowed down. On July 3, we had a lazy morning and made a big camp breakfast of eggs and toast and John cooked up some left over camp burgers, then we hit the trail to see the sites from the senic and windy mountain turns of Highway 16A. Right off the bat we were thrilled to see a huge Buffalo only 4 feet away from us munching on the side of the road grass (we got some great pictures from our rolled down window). John tackled the pigtail curves and shear drop offs like a champ (he has a little phobia about this and did well), we stopped in Keystone, SD for our purchase of rock souvaners and went to a little museum that had a great history on the artest, Burgram Gutson, that made Mount Rushmore (he started it when he was 60), this was a great self tour and we all enjoyed the airconditioning, we then drove on and had some great views of Mount Rushmore from a distance that were awsome, back at camp we tossed another casserole on to the grill that I made from an internet camp reciept and it was fantastic, tasted just like Chicken Pot Pie without the crust. July 4th we started early for a long drive to Cody, I drove through some strong rain and we stopped in Gilette for some Breakfast (had to bypass the local Perkins - caus it was a half hour wait and ate at Wendys --- not my favorate camp meal), we loved the fantastic views in Big Horn National Park, John was glad I drove the camper up and down the mountain sides through the hairpin and windy curves, sometimes gravel roads due to construction - I must admit when we settled into the camp cram-them-in site at Abroska Bay, I enjoyed my first coctail emensely. Now we will be spending 3 days in Yellowstone and I am pretty sure they will not have WIFI there, so I will have to update when we get out of the park.

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