Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 9 (continued) - We ate at the Egg and I after walking around the town of Cheyenne and asking a local where to eat, then took in the Nelson Cowboy Museum - there were some fantastic exhibits in this nice little museum and very economical enterence fee (the kids were free). Then we hit the road for our drive home and took a stab at finding a campsite at the Buffalo Bill SRA on a Sat. night without a reservation. When we pulled in we were one of 3 campers and we were pleasently surprised that the campsites had electric hookups with a cost of only $11 for the night. In the spring and fall this is a migratory stopping area for the Sand Hill Cranes (we saw cattle). So we grilled some beans and cheese brats with cresent rolls wrapped around them for easy finger eating and crashed for the evening.

Day 10 - We visited the home of Buffalo Bill and the Scout Ranch Museum in the morning and we were plesently surprised to get free admission because we camped at the adjacent campground, also a curator of the museum saw our trailer the night before and she is a Sister on the Fly with a tricked out Buffalo Bill theame vintage Field and Stream trailer. This was a great little gem of a place that we happened on by pure luck. We hit I80 to make some distance (after visiting the local Goodwill) and got all the way to Adain before we decided to call it a night and find a campground with a pool for the kids (the local KOA), this was our hottest camping day with temps in the 90's and we all took advantage of the pool, although it looked like a big cement pond, due to some algea issues that the camp host was tackeling with various chemicals (after the pool closing hours). We were packed in like sardines, with big rigs on either side of us, without any shade trees ---- but we did not care because we knew we would be home sometime the next day - so we drank some wine (cause we ran out of Vodka) ate the last of the hotdogs on hamburger buns (caus the camp store sold the last of the hot dog buns just a minute before we got there) and the leftover snacks from previous fine dinning and then crashed for the night watching a Cinderella cartoon DVD with the kids.

Day 11 - I woke up to rain on the trailer roof around 6:30 and could not get back to sleep ---- so I woke up John and the kids and we packed up in the rain and headed for home. Had a quick breakfast at McDonalds outside of DesMoins and we rolled into Woodstock around 2:00 ----- It was a fantastic vacation!!!!!

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